QUERY 101 SERIES: A Thoughtful Strategy Before You Hit “Send”


Query 101B

Originally this post was written much differently. It was more of an outline on the dos and don’ts to think about when researching an agent or publisher. I was all ready to publish this post, but after a few days at the RT Convention last week I knew it needed to change.  Why? Because I had the opportunity to talk to dozens of writers about the querying experience and learned there are many ups and downs to the process everyone should consider. These include setting up meetings for “the call” that never happens. Or agents who sign you and then never return phone calls or emails. Even worse, relationships that fall apart after the first book doesn’t sell. Yes, these things all happened to writers I met and talked to, and it made me realize how critical it is to develop a thoughtful querying strategy.  So below is a revised version of this post. I hope…

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