An Ode to CP’s

Bleeding Ink, Inc

We all know those people. The ones who love having their work praised by friends and family and other “beta” readers and therefore need no critique group.

(Confession: As a teen, I was definitely one of those people.)

“Why would I need CP’s?” they ask. “My friends/family read a lot, and they love my manuscripts! I’ve already got my target audience.”

Don’t get me wrong, betas are great. I never would have gotten to where I am without them, but CP’s are in another category all their own.

If you have no idea who/what CP’s (critique partners) are or where to find them, here are some guidelines. CP’s should be:

A fellow writer
This is important because not only do these people love to read, they KNOW the craft. They can spot a cop-out deus ex machina or too many dialogue tags a mile away. In fact, they’ve probably made…

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