How to Format a Manuscript


By Jen Malone

I know there are many other places on the fancy schmancy intrawebz to get this information, but I’m not so sure the message is being received.  As a freelance editor most of the manuscripts emailed to me are not formatted in standard industry format. I don’t really care BUT this makes me worry that agents receiving these same manuscripts might be forming biased opinions about a writer’s professionalism before even beginning a read.

First impressions are first impressions, so why not start off with a favorable one.

Here’s how to format so you look like a seasoned pro who has done your homework!

First things first. Your manuscript should be saved as “TITLE Last Name” so that it’s easily searchable when an agent needs to locate it on his/her Kindle.  The title should be in all caps and your last name does not need to be. You…

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