Agent & Querying Tip of the Week: What Happens After You Get an Agent?

J.N. Cahill :


As usual, today’s tips come from the 2011 Guide to Literary Agents. Today we will be discussing what is expected of you, as an author, after you have landed yourself an agent.

1. Let Your Agent Work.

After you sign with an agent, you need to go over what happens next with them. Ask them what they also expect from you. Take your agent’s advice when it comes to polishing your work as well.

2. Keep Writing.

This is the most important thing a writer needs to focus on. If you aren’t working on rewrites and revisions, then you need to continuing writing new ideas. While your agent is hard at work trying to sell what you create, you need to keep creating. “A capable writer needs to keep writing and always have material to sell. Always be considering new projects and working on new things, but give preference to…

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