The Art of Critiquing


By Dana Nuenighoff

If you’re a writer, you know that critiquing is one of the many important steps in the process. You don’t just sit there and write out the perfect novel in one go. It takes months, even years, to form a manuscript.

Your first draft is the block of marble. It took you a while to haul that block back to your studio, to get it set up. Inside it, you can see the masterpiece it’s going to be. But editing is how you create that work of art, and critiquing is your chisel, your tool.

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Having a fresh pair of eyes reading your work helps to pick up on plot holes and grammar mistakes. Critiquers can point out when something doesn’t make sense even if, in your mind, it does. It’s not that your critique partners are trying to be mean. No, they want to help you…

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Benefits of a ‘Writing Friend’ #writingtips


Writing friends can be found on blogging sites, in creative writing classes, in coffee shops, on Twitter and via people you know. They are valuable friendships and can be very rewarding.

Check out the benefits below:

1. You will not feel alone anymore. There is someone out there who is just like you. They GET you! For the first time in your life someone out there actually understands your editing obsession, writing frustrations and your creative thought process. This realisation, that you no longer are alone, can make you go a bit strange. You may have a strong urge to hug your writing friend whilst weeping on their shoulder about how long you have been alone in the writing wilderness. Try to control your emotion as you don’t want them thinking you are a bit weird.

2. You can send them all sorts of writing stuff to read. Ideas, thoughts, plots, your…

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